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Clinical health coaching guided by DNA

Personalized Services

DNA-Guided Medication

Had a bad drug reaction in the past? Not getting the full benefit from your meds? A simple DNA test will reveal what meds to avoid and which ones work best for YOU!

Chronic Illness Management

Having a chronic illness sometimes means you take several different medications. Regimens can be complex and difficult to get right. You need a med expert who focuses only on you, to work with all your doctors, reduce side effects, and maximize your treatment.

Menopause and PCOS

The seasons of life come with some stormy weather sometimes. Hormone  testing, cycle mapping, and nutrition evaluation are part of my holistic approach to restoring balance.

Nutrition and Supplement Consultations

Virtually every illness can be improved in some way by the right nutrition. And, certain medications deplete essential nutrients. With a thorough review of your diet, preferences, and medications, we design a plan that will help you look and feel amazing.

How It Works


Complimentary Consultation

In a 30 minute meeting, I’ll listen to your goals and determine how best to serve you.


First Appointment

During our 60-minute consultation, I will do a comprehensive medication and health history, and determine what tests you need.



During or shortly after our first consultation, you’ll receive a test kit with detailed instructions. Once the test is done, it will be off to the lab for analysis.


Results Review and Treatment Plan

Once test results are ready, we will review the findings together in a second 60- to 90-minute consultation.

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To keep you and your family safe while COVID-19 cases are high, we offer virtual and phone consultations. 

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