When start your health journey, Jane has a lot of opinions.

Women are excellent caregivers. We manage kids’ sports practice, meal planning, ageing parents, school functions, our own careers, and somehow find time to take a shower most days. But, we often don’t prioritize our own health, our own bodies.

We operate in “someday-maybe” land.

Someday, I'll get control of my sweet tooth.
Maybe when the kids are older, I'll start going to the gym regularly.

We get complacent in the “should” and “could.”

I should really eat more nutritious foods and less
I could be healthier if I didn't have so much stress in my life.
I should take better care of myself by getting in
some more movement.

I am as guilty of this negative self-talk as anyone. And, I can attest, it’s dreadfully easy to “should” all over yourself!  I’ve even given a name to that inner voice that complains about the goals I want to achieve.

Everyone, meet COMPLAIN JANE.

Complain Jane whines when it’s too hot, too cold, too late, too early to exercise.  She moans when her back aches. She is peeved when she is hungry, and angry, and tired, and sad. She won’t listen to reason, and she doesn’t like to be crossed. Jane and I are in a constant battle of wills.

When you actually recognize your own inner dialogue for what it is–a conversation with your Jane–you can start to turn down her volume.  An even more effective strategy is to drown her out with other voices…a support group, an accountability partner, a trusted healthcare professional. Those supportive voices become louder than Jane.

Find a health advocate to help you achieve goals

The first step to make this change is to decide you’re worth it.  You are.  I am here to tell you that you are. Your partner thinks you’re worth it. Your kids, your friends, hell, even your hair stylist thinks you’re worth it.  Complain Jane is on the fence – she doubts it most days.  H*CK Jane!  You deserve to be healthy!

The next step is finding a personal health advocate to create a personalized program.  What should you look for in this clinician?

  • Meets regularly with you to give you information, support, and action items
  • Offers genetic wellness testing, like hormone, nutrient, and pharmacogenomic panels
  • Regularly reads the latest published medical literature and knows how to do research
  • Allows access via email, phone, and text 24/7
  • Celebrates your successes!

Does your doctor or pharmacist fit this description?  Can you make a regular hour-long appointment with your preferred provider?  Usually, a visit to the pharmacy doesn’t offer more than a minute or two with a pharmacist.  The traditional practice settings of physicians  do not allow for extended appointments.

A health accountability partner is skilled in coaching patients over the long term. To maximize your health journey (and vanquish your own Complain Jane), find a healthcare professional that can create a custom, actionable plan – one that helps you set and meet health goals. Your long-term health is worth it!