Clinical Services

Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Panel

This test reveals how your genes affect a your response to medications. With this information, we can predict which medications work best for you, and which ones to avoid or adjust.

Medication Optimization

A comprehensive analysis of your medications can help you save money, reduce side effects, and minimize drug interactions.

Cycle Mapping

Hormone imbalances can lead to infertility, weight gain, unwanted hair growth.  Hormone testing at various points in your menstrual cycle will pinpoint trouble spots.

Information is power

Many of my patients say they felt frustrated, overlooked, dismissed. Their clinicians said their symptoms were “all in the head.” They changed doctors and pharmacies only to be told the same thing.  They were tired of other people making health decisions for them. Does this sound familiar?

Venus Vitality is a different care model. You’ll get 60- to 90-minute appointments with a medication expert with over 20 years of healthcare experience! I take the time to really listen to your health issues, and I do the research to solve problems. When you have a dedicated clinician, the latest research, and clinical data, you will be armed to make the best decisions about your own wellness.